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Zac Efron Will Use His Washboard Abs To Play Serial Killer Ted Bundy

Zac Efron has been a good ?Neighbor? in the past, but you won?t want him living next door this time. The handsome abs magnate will play handsome murder magnate Ted Bundy in an upcoming movie. ?Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile? will incorporate the perspective of Bundy?s longtime girlfriend, Elizabeth Kloepfer, a role that hasn?t been cast […]

Trump defends ‘right’ to share secrets

President Trump says he shared with Russia “facts pertaining to terrorism and airline safety”.

Lawmakers From Both Sides Of The Aisle Fume Over Trump Leak Allegations

Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle were upset by revelations that President Donald Trump may have revealed highly classified information during a meeting with the Russian ambassador last week. On Monday, The Washington Post reported that Trump had disclosed ?code word? intel to Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, ?jeopardized a critical source of intelligence on the […]

We should have listened to the broken teenagers

Child sexual abuse has never been a higher police priority. But too many rapists avoid justice, argues former detective Margaret Oliver.

Retired teacher, 98, receives honorary degree

Freda Smith had to leave teacher training college before World War Two when her money ran out.

Being under weight by 2 pounds earns Seattle Seahawks’ Eddie Lacy $55,000 bonus

Seattle Seahawks running back Eddie Lacy weighed in at 253 pounds Monday to earn a $55,000 bonus for being under his first target by two pounds.

Metropolitan Opera Attendance: Slightly Better, Still Bad

Grappling with declining subscriptions, the Met took in just 67 percent of its potential box-office capacity this season.

General election 2017: Newcastle voters on role of party manifestos

Do voters actually read election manifestos and do they have any effect on how anyone votes?

Woman tells Theresa May: I’m angry because I’ve no carer

Prime Minister Theresa May was challenged by voters while out campaigning in Abingdon.

Miss USA Kara McCullough criticised for saying healthcare a ‘privilege’

Kara McCullough, a scientist at the US nuclear regulatory body, appeared to link care to employment.


Beauty or brains, Dan says his girlfriend has both beauty and brains but I found it hard to believe. So I decided to see the Left Handed Scholarships for college people lady myself and I have to say that I wasn?t disappointed.

London private school may let boys wear skirts

Highgate School is considering introducing gender neutral “mix-and-match” uniforms.

Angela Merkel’s Party Scores Big Win in Key German State Election

The election in North Rhine-Westphalia, the country?s most populous state, was seen as a dress rehearsal for national parliamentary elections in September.

Senators Voice Concerns About Trump’s Threat of Taped Conversations

Republican and Democratic lawmakers said that if recordings of the former F.B.I. director James B. Comey exist, they would or should come to light.

General election 2017: Labour pledges £37bn for the NHS

The party says it would set tougher targets for A&E units and upgrade IT systems.

Review: ‘Anne With an E’ Is a Rewarding Return to Green Gables

A Netflix adaptation deepens a classic children?s tale about an orphan trying to make her way in a difficult world.


Office gossip kills workers morale and destroys office relationships. You should let it be and leave it to go its wayIf you have children who go to school then they can be easily infected if anyone in school has lice problem, so it is best that you get routine check at one of those lice […]

U.S. Says Trump ‘Can’t Imagine Russia Is Pleased’ With North Korea Missile

WASHINGTON, May 14 (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump ?cannot imagine Russia is pleased? with North Korea?s latest missile test on Sunday, as it landed closer to Russia than to Japan, the White House said in a statement. ?With the missile impacting so close to Russian soil ? in fact, closer to Russia than to […]

اتجاهات في تفسير التنوع الحيوي “2”

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I have never visited the beautiful islands vet off the coast of Honduras. Many of the locals rushed up to us in hopes of a quick dollar for their advice Get Head Lice Eggs treatment in Westchester. My tall, pale boyfriend definitely had quite the time trying to fit in! After a quick exchange of […]


Playing baseball is a great way to exercise. Exercising helps you stay healthy You can say goodbye to smudging with permanent eyeliner.. You can exercise and have fun at the same time.

No sweat

The modern office is mixing work and play in a bid to attract staff and improve productivity.


Dogs are, by definition, cute. The reason why we love them, however, may not be as simple. Scientists theorize why we love small animals and dogs so much is because they had evolved alongside humans and, in the process, gained pedomorphic features (physical characteristics reminiscent of a human child) to encourage humans to adopt and […]

Trump Plans Likely To Aggravate U.S. Inequality: Nobel Winner Deaton

BARI, Italy (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump?s economic policies risk creating growth that mostly benefits the rich and aggravates income inequality in the United States, Nobel Prize-winning economist Angus Deaton said. Trump was swept to power on promises of help for poorer Americans but Deaton said his proposals to roll back regulations on finance […]


Next to oxygen water is the most essential element to human life; the body usually cannot survive longer than a week without water. It is critical to almost every aspect of human endeavor, from agriculture, to industry, to energy. Designer bridesmaid dresses designed to bring the hottest trends and latest red carpet runway styles Like […]

CBS cancels ‘2 Broke Girls’ after six seasons

CBS has canceled its sitcom “2 Broke Girls” after six seasons.

Minnesota Twins, Ervin Santana shut down Cleveland Indians

Ervin Santana pitched seven scoreless innings of two-hit ball as the Minnesota Twins shut out the Cleveland Indians 1-0 Friday night at Progressive Field.

Ivory Coast: Soldiers cut off second city Bouaké

A mutiny over a pay dispute enters a second day, with the country’s second largest city now cut off.


How you deliver criticism affects the manner in which it?s taken. You need to be unemotional, direct, brief and factual Communicate clearly what you expect to happen in the future at the end of the conservation.

This Dreamer Works For The Politicians Who Will Decide Her Fate In The U.S.

One day earlier this year, then-Sen. Jeff Sessions passed through the cafeteria in a Senate office building to buy lunch. The Alabama Republican was slated to become the attorney general under President Donald Trump and help lead an immigration crackdown. Having railed for years against undocumented immigrants, Sessions signaled a new hard-line approach to deportations […]

At Kushners’ Flagship Building, Mounting Debt and a Foundered Deal

Charles and Jared Kushner?s company was already losing money on its $1.8 billion skyscraper. Then a deal with the Chinese for a replacement fell apart.

Seven charged over asylum teen attack in Croydon

Reker Ahmed was left fighting for his life after being kicked and punched in Croydon.

BBC News at Six

BBC coverage of latest developments

Lexi Thompson: Watch how golfer loses major after TV replay

American Lexi Thompson receives a four-stroke penalty after a TV replay shows her incorrectly replacing a ball.

Deadly Explosions Reported in St. Petersburg Subway

The blasts, which occurred while President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia was in the city, killed 10 people, the state-run TASS news agency reported.

New York Today: New York Today: A Belated Budget

Monday: Wrangling over state funding, shutting down Rikers Island, and making the first private cellphone call.

Feeling flush

Now that California has had significant rain, can the state ever go back to “normal”?


Soft skills are hardly measured the way hard skills are. Never the less, the impact of soft skills cannot be overemphasized. The soft skills someone could have can come in form of Teamwork and collaboration, Adaptability, problem solving, critical observation and so much more I was visiting the Louisville hustle and they people are serious […]

Former Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson scheduled to visit New England Patriots on Monday

Adrian Peterson’s first free agent meeting will be with the defending Super Bowl champions.

Rescuers Race to Find Survivors of Colombia Mudslide That Killed Over 230

More than 1,500 emergency workers descended on the provincial city of Mocoa on Sunday after a sudden downpour sent deadly surge of mud and water through the area.


The holiday period was amazing. You had fun with friends and family and you lost track of time because you had all the time in the world to enjoy yourselfgoogle plus. Going back to work can be a challenge after a restful or fun-filled holiday season.

Colombian mudslide death toll rises to 254

At least 254 people have been confirmed dead and 400 more injured in this weekend’s devastating mudslides in Colombia.

Appeal to Trump

Some deny one of the US’s worst mass shootings ever happened. Now the victims are fighting back.

NPR Poetry Month Kicks Off With Your Twitter Submissions

It’s April 1st! And the first day of our NPR Poetry month, where we ask listeners to tweet us their poems using #NPRpoetry. Today’s selection reveals a poet’s day job as a scientist.

Landslide Kills 112 People In Colombia

BOGOTA (Reuters) – A landslide in Colombia?s southwestern border province of Putumayo sent mud and debris crashing onto houses overnight, killing 112 people and injuring at least 120, officials said on Saturday. Heavy rains caused several rivers to overflow, pushing sediment onto buildings and roads in the provincial capital of Mocoa. ?It has just been […]

International Court’s Top Official Says Violence in Congo May Amount to War Crimes

The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court cited the murder of two United Nations researchers and the discovery of 23 mass graves in the Kasaï region.

Liverpool v Everton

Preview followed by live coverage of Saturday’s Premier League game between Liverpool and Everton.

Mexico Welcomes Possible U.S. Shift on Nafta, but Mistrust of Trump Persists

A draft letter circulating among members of Congress seems to propose keeping much of the trade agreement in place.

Brazil police in Rio held after ‘shooting wounded suspects’

The killings, which were captured on video, have shocked many Brazilians.


Nothing Goodcomes easy. You know that, right? You will need lots of patience and persistence if you are to make your talent and career parallelI feel so much better since seeing a chiropractor!. Even the best musicians did not get to the top in a day.