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Venezuela protests: Passport of opposition leader Capriles ‘seized’

Henrique Capriles says he has been prevented from flying to New York as unrest continues.

Premier League Darts: Michael Van Gerwen beats Peter Wright to win third title

World number one Michael van Gerwen beats Scotland’s Peter Wright to win his third Premier League Darts title.

Selling Dog Meat May Be Banned At This Year’s Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Animal rights activists are reporting that the local government in Yulin, China, will be banning the sale of dog meat at the city?s controversial Lychee and Dog Meat Festival in June. However, officials in Yulin did not confirm the ban when questioned by media outlets, leading some to question whether the purported ban is happening […]


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U.N. Sees Slavery Risk As Number Of Solo Migrant Children Hits Record High

A record number of refugee and migrant children are traveling solo to escape violence and poverty, falling prey to abuse and human traffickers in their journey to a new life, the United Nations children?s agency said on Wednesday. Be it to escape war in Syria or gang violence in Central America, natural disaster or famine, […]

Royal surprise: Dutch King Alexander was KLM pilot for 21 years

Dutch King Willem-Alexander dropped a bombshell Thursday — he’s secretly piloted commercial flights for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines for more than two decades.

Nottingham Forest takeover: Evangelos Marinakis buys club with EFL approval

Nottingham Forest are bought by Greek shipping magnate Evangelos Marinakis with his takeover passed by the EFL.

Someone Broke Into Amber Rose’s Home And Straight-Up Chilled For Hours

Amber Rose is the latest celebrity to fall victim to a home invasion.  When the homes of the rich and famous are vandalized, the intruders typically grab the goods and go. But the man who broke into Rose?s Los Angeles home early Wednesday morning stayed put for hours while she slept soundly in a nearby room, […]


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New York Today: New York Today: It’s Getting Hot Out Here

Thursday: Tourists take on the sizzling weather, goats return to Prospect Park, and bands battle at Grand Central.


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Who might send more women to Westminster?

There are more than 3,300 candidates hoping to win one of the 650 seats in the UK’s House of Commons on 8 June. What do we know about those jockeying for position?

Republicans Pivot and Make Comey the Capitol’s Most-Wanted Man

Congressional Republicans rushed to call on the former F.B.I. director to testify, produce memos and provide details of his encounters with the president.


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Indianapolis Colts sign University of South Florida rookie RB Marlon Mack

The Indianapolis Colts signed running back Marlon Mack to a contract Wednesday.

Goya Foods Makes ‘Business Decision’ To Pull Sponsorship Of Puerto Rican Day Parade

Goya Foods will not sponsor this year?s Puerto Rican Day Parade. The decision ends, until further notice, the company?s continuous 60-year partnership with the organization behind the annual event.  The New Jersey-based company cited a ?business decision? as the reason for pulling their sponsorship of the annual event that?s being held in New York City on July […]


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Alan Thicke’s sons taking Tanya Callau to court over prenuptial agreement

Alan Thicke’s sons Robin and Brennan Thicke have taken his widow Tanya Callau to court over claims that the prenuptial agreement she signed is invalid.


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What You Should Know If You Love Someone With High-Functioning Depression

Everything feels a lot harder when you?re dealing with high-functioning depression ? including relationships. Experts say the condition often isn?t noticeable to most people, because those who experience it tend to mask it well. This arguably makes the disorder difficult for partners to detect and the people who deal with it hesitant to speak up […]


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However Well Black Students Perform, Teachers Still Think They’re Struggling

Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng, assistant professor of international education at New York University, has written thousands of pages? worth of research and commentary over the course of his career. But growing up, his teachers gave him no reason to believe he would end up in this position. As an Asian-American student living in Maryland, he consistently […]


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Gisele Bundchen: Tom Brady has concussions ‘we don’t talk about’

Tom Brady didn’t miss any action due to injury last season, but he did have a concussion, his wife, Gisele Bundchen, said Wednesday.


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Protecting The Environment And Growing The Economy Go Hand-In-Hand

San Francisco has reduced its carbon emissions by 28 percent since 1990, while growing its GDP by 79 percent. And it?s far from alone. Across the country, cities have been proving that protecting the environment and growing the economy go hand-in-hand. A big part of this story is that cities ? large and small, in […]

AAA: 1M more people expected to travel for Memorial Day this year

Though gas prices are up about 5 percent from last year, motor club AAA finds U.S. road traffic during the Memorial Day weekend will be heavier than last year.

Is this the world’s longest cat?

A supersized Australian housecat finds internet fame and, perhaps, a Guinness World Record.


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John McCain: Trump Scandals ‘Reaching Watergate Size And Scale’

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) just used the ?W? word when talking about the growing scandals surrounding President Donald Trump.  ?We?ve seen this movie before. It?s reaching Watergate size and scale,? he said at a Republican event on Tuesday night, according to GOP strategist Ana Navarro. ?This is not good for the country.? @SenJohnMcCain at IRI dinner […]


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U.S., Russia and Australia Defend Corporations’ Role in Global Climate Talks

Developing nations and green groups say that the presence of companies that contribute to climate change should be limited at international climate sessions.


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Drew Brees Talks Balancing Football With Raising 4 Kids

Drew Brees is one of the NFL?s good guys. Few players are more involved in the community, and few are more respected on and off the field. The 38-year-old quarterback of the New Orleans Saints is now working to raise awareness about the signs of exertional heat stroke, a significant cause of death in high school […]

Young soccer prodigy, 2, kicks ball to put out candle

A 2-year-old soccer prodigy showed off his skills with an unusual trick shot: Blowing out a candle atop a birthday cake.

After 6 Prison Terms, A Former Inmate Helps Other Women Rebuild Their Lives

For Susan Burton, getting on track after being released from prison was a daunting experience. Now she’s determined to help other women follow in her footsteps. Her new memoir is Becoming Ms. Burton.

Spectacular scenes after lorry and wind turbine collision

A lorry driver in Germany was lucky to survive after a crash with a 62m-long wind turbine blade.

Four hits was all it took for Seattle Mariners to end four-game losing streak

SEATTLE — The Seattle Mariners made the most of their four hits Monday night.

Zac Efron Will Use His Washboard Abs To Play Serial Killer Ted Bundy

Zac Efron has been a good ?Neighbor? in the past, but you won?t want him living next door this time. The handsome abs magnate will play handsome murder magnate Ted Bundy in an upcoming movie. ?Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile? will incorporate the perspective of Bundy?s longtime girlfriend, Elizabeth Kloepfer, a role that hasn?t been cast […]

Trump defends ‘right’ to share secrets

President Trump says he shared with Russia “facts pertaining to terrorism and airline safety”.

Lawmakers From Both Sides Of The Aisle Fume Over Trump Leak Allegations

Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle were upset by revelations that President Donald Trump may have revealed highly classified information during a meeting with the Russian ambassador last week. On Monday, The Washington Post reported that Trump had disclosed ?code word? intel to Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, ?jeopardized a critical source of intelligence on the […]

We should have listened to the broken teenagers

Child sexual abuse has never been a higher police priority. But too many rapists avoid justice, argues former detective Margaret Oliver.

Retired teacher, 98, receives honorary degree

Freda Smith had to leave teacher training college before World War Two when her money ran out.

Being under weight by 2 pounds earns Seattle Seahawks’ Eddie Lacy $55,000 bonus

Seattle Seahawks running back Eddie Lacy weighed in at 253 pounds Monday to earn a $55,000 bonus for being under his first target by two pounds.

Metropolitan Opera Attendance: Slightly Better, Still Bad

Grappling with declining subscriptions, the Met took in just 67 percent of its potential box-office capacity this season.

General election 2017: Newcastle voters on role of party manifestos

Do voters actually read election manifestos and do they have any effect on how anyone votes?

Woman tells Theresa May: I’m angry because I’ve no carer

Prime Minister Theresa May was challenged by voters while out campaigning in Abingdon.

Miss USA Kara McCullough criticised for saying healthcare a ‘privilege’

Kara McCullough, a scientist at the US nuclear regulatory body, appeared to link care to employment.