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the lawn moved

Our parents are so to have had our lawn moved by Petes treat for your feet. They did it as a house warming gift to us.We are going to be going on vacation to the beach soon near domainname. It will be so much fun spending time with family.

We just went

We just went to go out to eat on Friday near for Lice Happens in Atlanta and it was really good. Our daughter got to play on the playground as well.

if you would like

We really enjoy the rain some days. Its a great time to watch movies and relax.  I hope to see what has to say about my daughter. I was looking at their BlogI couldnt believe how cold it is getting outside. I actually have to wear a sweater now. Watch this video,

Live laugh and Lovely

I would like to see this place pretty soon. I really like the idea of a healing ministry. Asa family, we always share a lot of laughs together. I heard this place was nice and will be a New patient here soon and sure can’t laugh when your back in hurtin. We are going […]


We are hanging up our holiday decorations tomorrow. We have a Santa and a a sleigh to put out also. I found this online The spa to get Botox treatments in Ga

sun shine

I learned that when you make whole wheat bread you should probably mix in a little white flour. I made some whole wheat bread and it was very heavy and had a very strong wheat taste. I bought the mix near . It was still pretty good even though I saw this first first […]

for use to read?

I can’t believe that I can make meatballs . These aren’t just any meatballs. These are made from juice pulp my friend showed me near Roswell GA Youtube video . They were good.


I remember taking pictures in school when I was younger. I went to a school near my school. My mom cut my hair like a boy. I really didn’t like it at all.

Helping Those Around Us is an inspiration to us all. They are a company that handles environmental issues. It’s good to see that someone cares. They are helping to make this world a better place

had class last week and we were all told to bring in a snack for the evening so we could all share. I broughtin a bag of chips, healthy right? Well, they looked good and who doesn’t like chips right. Easy enough. A friend of mine brought in a bag of chips, but they were […]


Many of times, and especially when my kids were growing up, we never saw anything like this where they had lice removal in Sandy Springs Ga Big surprise, but anyway, I am going to go snowboardin this next week! Cannot WAIT!!!!  

If I ever Wanted

There are many things that I have wanted to find a few things that I thought would help me succeed and go to the next level. Well, one was when i was looking for painting in Indianapolis . In more recent news…I am going to make sure that I get more done this next week. I […]

Looking For Answers….

So, there have been many times when I just do not know what to do, perhaps, this is just one of those times. Feeling a bit off per say, but you never know, things may change. I was looking at a few of the companies that I found with lice removal Alpharetta , but I am […]

In The News Been listening to Joseph for a little bit today, it has been very relaxing. I have been looking at the iocl scholarship , but I am not sure if it is for USA students.

Lo and Behold!

I have noticed that when I try to get easy scholarships to apply for , I find that there are many things that interfere. Anyway, I am going to listen to my favorite music later today.

Cooking…oh yea!

Trying new recipes is exciting and fun. We went to a group function last week and they provided a lunch for all that were attending. One of the items was a stew, it was in a crock pot. It was very tasty so I was able to get the recipe and try it for myself […]

Days at the gym

We went to the gym for the first time in a week. It’s amazing what missing several days in between the gym can do for you, not in a good way. I was feeling sluggish towards the end of the week and noticed I didn’t have as much energy as normal. Overall, I didn’t feel […]

Shoes and More Shoes!

Our daughter just got a new pair of shoes recently I should have known that I needed to explain about breaking them in. We went walking around the country, the THE country, but country. The latter would take too much time and I wouldn’t have time to write this It’s quite funny at first to […]


I tried something new this week, something fabulous, something delicious, something I haven’t had in years. I went to the grocery store and bought donut cake mix, yes, that’s right, donut cake mix! I was so excited when I picked it up since it’s been years since I’ve had a donut cake. I think the […]

Shopping Trips For School!

I really don’t care to use the self check outs anymore. I like going through them when I have one or two items, but I tried it again to bring an entire grocery shopping trip through the self checkout and I hope I have learned my lesson again. It probably took me more than double […]


Technology can be very frustrating sometimes, even though it can also be convenient. I think I could do without all of the cell phone calls that I receive. It’s very distracting having your phone ringing all of the time, without privacy. The only good is when you need to make an emergency call of course, […]

Just a Bit of Time

I find it interesting that people all over the world are gravitating towards the fountain of youth. There are quite a few videos about anti-aging that are posted on youtube. I think there will quite a few more that we will see in the coming years for sure. Anyway, I am hoping to take a […]

Where is your heart?

If you have felt like you want to move, then it is best to look at what the city looks like close to it. This website has a small quiz that can help you decide what place would be. Many people like to go to different places in the US, some of the most popular places […]

Every Day Can Be Good

Today is Valentine’s day and it is a wonderful day. We hope you are having a wonderful day too. In the light of everything happening today, we thought you would enjoy a nice break from all of the madness today Earlier yesterday, we also looked at a student that have looked for different ways to […]

Entry Into Music

If you are just beginning in music, it can be very difficult, but thanks to people on the net, there can be help, real help so you can get started the right way. If you listen to the song, it is a pretty good song, but I believe that a lot of the good songs […]

After The Weekend

Finding the time to go home for the weekend was nice. We went snowboarding this last week in Alaska and it was crazy fun. In fact, this is one of the coolest things that I have done in some time. This was a lot more fun than looking for left handed scholarships for school! Anway, […]

Find Balance In Life.

I know that many people are trying to find a balance in their life. With so many things happening in our world, it can be tough to find that right place. We were looking at a few Twitter accounts today. This account is pretty awesome. It seems the entire world has their account here, just […]


Who likes to paint?  I have liked painting for many many years.  It really allow us to use our imaginations.  It allows us to go to a place of serenity and peace.  You can draw and paint anything you want, paint all of your dreams and wishes all on one piece of paper.  I remember […]


The mood really seems to change when it’s raining outside.  Why is that?  I’m   saw another Teds woodworking review  , wonder how many we will see this next year?  On the days that it’s sunny out, I’m happy, seem to be in a great, upbeat mood.  Then you have a day like today where it’s rainy and gloomy.  Now all […]

Easy Easy Easy

Things are much more pleasant when they are easy to do, do you agree?  Like, surfing online today to look for easy things for my daughters school project.  We have to go and see what “easy” things we can find.  Here’s just a short list:  Easy Scholarships To Apply For, Easy Apple Pie Recipes, Easy […]

Wizard of Oz

So, I’m watching the Wizard Of Oz with my kiddos, and through the mountains of commercials, there was one that struck a chord.  I saw a commercial for scholarships for moms, wow, what a great resource, I didn’t realize they had anything out there for moms.  It’s really comforting to know that there are tools […]

Counting Sheep

Does anyone count sheep anymore?!  I found myself not able to sleep the other night, so, I started off with a few videos I was watching, hoping that would help!  Nope, don’t think so…..after trying and trying without sleep, I tried one last thing.  I counted sheep, guess what?  It worked!


Looking for free money for college is such a task, like putting together a huge puzzle!  I like puzzles, but, this is just plain crazy.  Real puzzles are so much simpler, you take a piece, put it with another like piece, then voila, puzzle solved.  My grandmother used to do puzzles all day long.  I […]

Lovin my oven!

So, what is your favorite thing to bake?  Hmmmm….that’s a toughy, there are so many delicious things.  As I’m thumbing through the internet, looking for easy scholarships to apply for, I started getting hungry, and was thinking about what to bake.  I only have a few items in my kitchen, eggs, baking powder, sugar, and […]


Do you ever find yourself getting trapped in all the social media that’s out there?  I do, and i’m trying to stop, hahahaa!  I don’t think people realize how addicting it can become.  You just can’t allow things like this to get you off track from your goals.  One of my many goals right now […]

Tv Scholar

I cannot help but find myself sucked in to the tube on a daily basis.  I am an avid TV Scholar.  Some of my favorite T.V. shows are 10 items or less, 20/20, and 21 Jumpstreet.  Because of my guilty habit of watching T.V. most of the day, it seems to distract me from the […]

Making The Transition

It’s sad to think of the state of many of the men and women who have fought for the freedoms we all enjoy. The fight this nation’s wars even when they don’t believe in the reasons for fighting them. They fight because that’s what they’re ordered to do, and they’re trained to follow orders. When […]

Busy Days

Yesterday was a busy day for me. I started the process of fixing my lawn mower along with two friends. Unfortunately it would not go into gear although the motor started. We will need to get some additional help with it. Afterwards, my friend and I went to to the lake. I got my kayak […]

Journaling is Fun!

If you haven’t read the journal, you must want to take a look at it. The piece is super awesome and it might thrill you more than you expected. To me, it must be the finest piece of writing I have come across lately. The flow is so amazing and the ideas are quite outreached, […]

My Story.

Once upon a time, in a very large and prosperous kingdom, there lived a mighty man. As a miniscule babe, he had an unnerving amount of courage. There was nothing this plump baby boy would not do. As a young lad, he ran across a wild and out-of-control beast: a lion. That was the only […]

Conversation Starters

Do you usually experience the problem of staring a conversation with someone, a stranger to be precise? The feeling is the same when facing a larger group. Fear not, it is something difficult per se but important as far as social skills are concerned. This article provides the basics you need to stand in front […]

Top Ten Places To Visit

Barbecues, camps, suntans, ice cream, swimming and all manner of summer fun are dreams that awaken when schools close and summer knocks. For most people it is not outright selecting the perfect summer vacation destination for them and their loved ones. With plenty of cool places to visit locally and globally it is a tough […]

Au tribunal des réfugiés, ils jouent leur dernier recours

Plus grosse juridiction administrative de France, la Cour nationale du droit d’asile (CNDA) représente l’ultime chance pour les hommes et les femmes qui souhaitent trouver refuge en France. Reportage à Montreuil, au cœur de ses seize salles d’audience où se jouent des destins extraordinaires. Le long d’un couloir blanc et froid, des portes se succèdent. […]

Immigration and US

In the US, there are many immigrants that help to make the country very productive. However, this is not what this post is about. From what we have seen, it appears that many residents and would be citizens, get into debt while they are here. Although it is not impossible to get out of debt, […]

C’est tellement simple de dire 
qu’il y a trop d’immigrés…

Remis il y a peu au premier ministre Jean-Marc Ayrault, le rapport (PDF) du conseiller d’État Thierry Tuot pointe les ratés de trente ans de politiques d’intégration et d’immigration. Ancien juge délégué de la reconduite aux frontières, Thierry Tuot appelle à un « devoir d’intelligence et de vérité » sur le sujet. Entretien avec un haut fonctionnaire […]

Des images contre les clichés sur les oubliés de Calais

Dans son livre 
Des hommes vivent ici (1), 
la photographe Marion Osmont raconte le quotidien des migrants le long du littoral de la 
Manche, dix ans après 
la fermeture du camp de Sangatte. Un travail
 plein d’humanité 
et de dignité. Un grand hangar vide. Au loin, un groupe d’hommes. Sept ou huit Africains, assis ou […]