How Society Revolutionized Gardening?

  • How Society Revolutionized Gardening?

    In the industrial age, people abandoned their gardens and moved to cities. As a result, farming became industrialized, with big fields and monoculture. The garden became something we left behind. With the rise of the digital age, people started to prefer experiences over things, leading to the rise of social media and DIY (Do It Yourself) culture. 

    The trend has spread to almost every industry and has also changed gardening. Society changes slowly, but it does change. Here are some ways in which society has revolutionized gardening as we know it today.

    A New Understanding of Gardening

    As society changed, so did our understanding of gardening. Gardening used to be seen as a hobby for the rich, with people spending thousands on tools and supplies.

    They made gardening accessible, affordable, and democratized it.

    Indoor gardening systems are cheap, you can get everything you need to start an indoor garden for as little as $50 and they don’t require any experience. At the same time, the co-ops and community gardens made gardening accessible to everyone.

    Co-ops and Community Gardens

    With people moving to cities and giving up on gardening, the demand for fresh produce fell. Farmers either turned to industrialization or abandoned their fields. Farmers who opted to grow organically found it hard to sell to grocery stores as they didn’t have a place to sell their produce.

    In the late 20th century, the government started to invest in community gardening and urban agriculture in cities. Community gardens are cooperatives where people pool their resources and space to grow fresh produce and flowers.

    People began to start co-ops and community gardens to grow organic produce. They pooled their resources and grew produce that they could sell to grocery stores.

    Big Data and Smart Tools

    A lot of the tools we use in gardening (and life) today are connected to the internet. This has revolutionized gardening in two ways: data and tools. People love data, and there’s no industry that loves data as much as the gardening industry.

    People use apps, smart devices, and wearables to track every aspect of their gardening. The internet-enabled smart devices have helped people monitor the health of their plants and soil. At the same time, it has been a big help in buying garden tools like the best brush killer with just a simple click.

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