Israel Suspends Supplies on Gaza Strip Until Hamas Releases Hostages

  • Israel Suspends Supplies on Gaza Strip Until Hamas Releases Hostages

    People living in Gaza

    The humanitarian crisis currently experienced by the population of Gaza Strip is getting worse each day as essential supplies are withheld by Israel. Essential supplies include fuel, water, electricity and food; items are already scarce in Gaza. It is possible that they will deplete within a few hours while Israel continues to pounce on the territory via airstrike. Thousands are already wounded, around 40% of whom are reported to be children according to one of the hospitals. Israel intends to continue cutting off the supplies until Hamas releases the hostages they imprison in Gaza.

    Cause of the Gaza Humanitarian Crisis

    The conflict between Palestine and Israel has been happening for numerous decades which made wars in the region constant.

    Culturally, Palestinians are part of the Arab ethno-nationalist group in the Middle East. They have been residing primarily in the West Bank for several decades primarily in the Gaza Strip. Some are located in Jordan, Israel, Lebanon and Syria.

    The last Israeli-Pakistan war took place 2 years ago, which lasted for 11 days, left 13 dead in Israel and claimed 250 lives in Gaza.

    Where Exactly is Gaza

    Children in Gaza

    Gaza is a strip of land near the Mediterranean Sea. It’s widely known as a Palestinian enclave ruled by the militant group Hamas. The latter took control of the city after the last elections held in 2005 and 2006. Since then Israel deemed it necessary to establish a blockade to protect Israel against siege and attacks associated with the Palestinian militant organisation Hamas.

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