Legal Gun Ownership Between Responsibility And Surveillance

  • Legal Gun Ownership Between Responsibility And Surveillance

    “Trust is good, control is better? – Legal gun ownership between personal responsibility and surveillance” was the topic of the first Feldkirchner hunting round of 2017 by the Bavarian Hunting Association. BJV President Prof. Dr. Jürgen Vocke welcomed over 60 guests, hunters, and interested parties to the House of Bavarian Hunters. Among the guests are representatives of gun retailers for recreation like Ballachy, an online retail shop of hunting gears and rifles.

    The Weapons Act Affects Us All

    Hunting weapons are the tools of the trade for every hunter. As legal gun owners, we are the focus of society and the authorities. However, we defend ourselves against any general suspicion and discrimination such as the introduction of a psychological report for legal gun owners. A message of gratitude to Prof. Dr. Niebler and Mr. Mayer for taking part today, but also for their committed commitment to the interests of hunters and sport shooters in the European Parliament and the German Bundestag. In this way, they make a contribution to maintaining the motivation of the hunters. This also benefits the general public, in whose interests many aspects of the voluntary work of hunters ultimately lie.

    Prof. Dr. Angelika Niebler, MEP, Chairwoman of the CSU European Group, made a statement on the subject of “gun law at the EU level” and informed those present that the adoption of the EU Firearms Directive was almost complete at the European level. The contents have been negotiated, it now only requires the approval of individual bodies. In addition, a mandatory medical-psychological examination for gun owners is not stipulated by the directive. Overall, Dr. Niebler said that some things had been achieved for hunters and sport shooters compared to the original draft of the commission, but warned: Now it is important that this is implemented one-to-one in national law; you have to insist!

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    Gun Law at The Federal Level

    Stephan Mayer, MdB, Chairman of the Working Group on Internal Affairs of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, reported on the subject of “gun law at the federal level” and announced that such an implementation will no longer take place in the current legislative period. The individual member states have 15 or 30 months to cast the EU directive into national law. However, the amendment to the German Weapons Act that is currently being discussed should go faster. Mayer named the storage of weapons as a central point: With the secure containers for storing weapons, the previous gun owners are probably granted grandfathering. The planned increase in the minimum requirements will therefore mainly apply to new purchases and new owners.

    Dieter Vierlbeck, Third State Shooting Champion of the Bavarian Sportschützenbund on the subject of “legal gun ownership” recalled the important role played by riflemen and gunsmiths in the self-image of the Free State and for the attitude towards life of its residents. On the part of the BJV, Vice President Moritz represented the position of the association and the Bavarian hunters. His Highness also referred to the importance of ‘set by example’ and education in the safe and responsible use of weapons and ammunition. Josef-Markus Bloch MA moderated the event.

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