Practicing Interpersonal Skills at Work and in Life

  • Practicing Interpersonal Skills at Work and in Life

    In life, especially in the workplace, it is critical that you have outstanding social skills. At the same time, it is essential to use them on a regular basis.

    Having good social skills are basically behaviors that’ll promote healthy relationships among coworkers and your supervisor.

    In case that you are lacking of skill in this particular field, don’t worry. There are a handful of tips that can gradually help you improve it.

    These tips include:

    • Avoid Drama
    • Show Integrity
    • Practice Small Conversations
    • Know when it’s Fine to Socialize and;
    • Be Friendly

    In the next lines, we are going to talk further how you can properly execute these points.

    Number 1. Avoid Office Drama

    More often than not, the workplace may be an overwhelming and stressful environment. People are scrambling to get their work done, rushing to meetings and checking off their tasks. For these same reasons, the work environment may ooze with stressed and exhausted employees who spread negativity. If you are just starting a new job, you may easily succumb to this. But do your best not to.

    Number 2. Show Integrity

    Integrity is something that involves:

    • Moral judgment
    • Leadership values and;
    • Honesty

    Those who are showing integrity in workplace know what’s right from wrong and practicing it in every way possible. Integrity is a vital social skill that must be practiced at work, most especially when you’re starting at a job.

    Number 3. Practice Small Talks

    Small talks are simple conversations with your coworkers you don’t know well. It is totally fine to practice small talks at work with your peers and build a relationship with them. Truth is, it’s very healthy to have workplace relationships so long as they’re positive and not interfering with your assignments. Small talks can be just about anything from your adjustable beds at home, life event and everything in between.

    Number 4. Know when it’s Fine to Socialize

    Small talks are appropriate so long as it centers on the correct topics. On the other hand, the timing of your small conversations will determine whether or not it is appropriate. Of course, you wouldn’t be talking to your colleague who is busy at the moment finishing up his/her paperwork.

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