How Streaming Services Have Enhanced our Viewing Experiences

  • How Streaming Services Have Enhanced our Viewing Experiences

    Change has been constant with technology, particularly with how we consume information and entertainment as people now opt for streaming services over cable TV. Mainly because of the huge difference between the cost of subscriptions between cable TV and video streaming services.

    Cable networks put a price tag of more than a hundred dollars a month for viewing entertainment while offering fewer features. Whereas video streaming services provided by the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Amazon Prime can cost as low as $10 a month

    Newer generations, specifically Generation Xs and Millennials, are at the forefront of the shift to streaming services as alternatives to cable TV or in buying CDs. Statistics show that 63% of Millennials prefer to watch live videos and use streaming services when watching movies or playing online games.

    Why Today’s Generation of Consumers of Entertainment Prefer Streaming Services?

    Affordability is not the only advantage of using streaming services for one’s viewing entertainment. Use of streaming sites afford convenience, as subscribers can watch anytime and anywhere they want to, including while caught in heavy traffic or needing to wait for one’s turn in in long queues.

    Furthermore, streaming service providers let their consumers pick the features and functions they deem useful, when looking to reduce subscription costs. Subscribers can remove any services or programs that they deem unnecessary.

    Accounts in streaming apps and services are tailored according to subscriber preferences, such as recommending viewing choices based on their account history. Doing so enhances interests of each customers to view more content that are specifically to their liking.

    Options Available to Those Who Cannot Afford to Pay for Streaming Services

    Let’s face it, despite the low costs of streaming services, many still do not have money to spare to indulge in viewing video entertainment. Some others simply prefer to watch the latest movies downloadable at torrent sites, instead of going to moviehouses.

    Fortunately, there’s a free alternative that comes in the form of video streaming app that they can download and install in their smartphone, whether running on iOS or Android OS.

    However, the app does not offer features as sophisticated as those extended by mainstream video streaming services. The streaming app developers do not include a curated library of video and gaming content.

    The rokkr streaming app for one, simply offers bundles containing hundreds of movies and TV shows that can be accessed by way of links coming from different sources located and streamed by servers throughout the globe. Moreover, each bundle has to be downloaded and installed separately once the streaming app has been downloaded from this rokkr url.

    Users of rokkr app give feedback that it is safe to use as far as their devices have demonstrated. This streaming app does not make any request to allow access to whatever sensitive data are stored in a user’s smartphone.

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