What Makes Astronomy Different from Astrology and Why It Matters

  • What Makes Astronomy Different from Astrology and Why It Matters

    It can be said that astrology has established a hateful place in the Internet space as there are good reasons why modern societies are now into astrology. Feelings of distress, doubts about the future and of what’s in store and the need to discover one’s real purpose in life have apparently created a need to look for answers that many believe to be “written in the stars.”

    In astrology, the lunar node cycles create forces that somehow controls the future as the turns of events simply follow the patterns of past events. The North Node determines the fate of the people born under each specific zodiac sign. Opposite is the South Node, which contains information about past events that can potentially impact a person whose Zodiac sign is currently in the North Node position.

    How is Astrology Different from Astronomy

    Looking to the stars for guidance was a practiced originated by ancient civilizations, since the lunar cycles seem to have brought repetitions of past events. However, unlike astronomy, astrology has not attained stature as a scholarly subject, as it mainly gathers information from astronomical observations.

    Astronomy is focused on studying the universe and all components existing outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. While astronomers look into the properties, motions and positions of celestial objects, astrologers study how the current properties, motions and positions of those celestial bodies will affect the lives of the people on Earth, as well as influence the events that will transpire in the planet.

    Generally, and for several centuries, predictions about the future were the main goals of astrology. However since the predictions were not thoroughly accurate it became apparent that astronomical theories and observations needed improvement in order to become a real part of mainstream science.

    In the year 1600, Sir Isaac Newton demonstrated that certain gravitational force influences the way celestial bodies process activities and motion. Sir Isaac Newton stated his scientific findings as the Law of Gravitation, indicating that a force known as gravity can affect matters in the universe in varying degrees; albeit dependent on the mass and distance of the object from the source of the force. Since the discovery, accurate astronomical predictions about planetary positions were made by using scientific calculations. This also made stronomy an established field of science.

    Proponents of astrology continued to search for ways by which predictions can be calculated and tested by way of scientific methods. Until for quite sometime, astrology lost ground as a sound basis for predicting a person’s future and occurrence of events on Earth.

    The Internet Brings Back Astrology as a Tool for Helping Distressed People Cope with Present-Day Challenges

    The advent of the Internet had changed the way astrology can have an impact on people’s lives. While astrologers still attempt to predict the destiny of their clients, astrologers now use mathematical calculations to determine the positions of the lunar nodes. The positions pertain to the specific orbital point in which the moon travels around the Earth. The North Node position falls under a specific Zodiac sign, and anyone whose birth date falls in the inclusive period covered by the zodiac sign means his North Node is currently active as component of the present lunar nodal cycle.

    Let’s say your birth sign is Aquarius and you were born in inclusive years when Aquarius became an active North Node, an astrologer can help analyze your destiny to help you find fulfillment in life. Your South Node on the other hand is Leo as it lies exactly opposite Aquarius in the natal chart. According to astrologers, rhe South Node tells the past events that can potentially recur and affect or influence your present situation or status.

    Since we are not experts in astrology, readers can find a better explanation of the North Node Aquarius, South Node Leo lunar nodal event.

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